Referral Program

We are currently trialing our brand new referral program. We have opened this up to anyone who has purchased advertisements from us. Your rewards are awesome!. In our humble opinion.

What you get!

£5 off your current advertising bill for every company you recommend to us. Meaning the more you recommend our services to new clients, the more you save.

With our prices being so low anyway it won’t be long before you have racked up enough referrals to get your advertisement for free! please continue reading for our terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

JTStv’s referral program is aimed at providing an even more, cost effective way for you to advertise. Our terms are super simple and easy to digest.

  1. The referral program runs from a month to month basis meaning if you refer a client at any point this month you will see a decrease in your bill on the following month.
  2. Every client you refer is a one-off deduction of your bill.
  3. The client you refer must tell us your company name upon joining us. We will ask how you heard about us. This is the point they must state your companies name.
  4. If you refer more clients than your bill is worth, these will still be deducted from the future bills. For example, your bill is £25 and you refer 6 clients, your next bill will be £0 and your bill after that will be £20
  5. Currently, you can not withdraw your earnings in currency, as any earnings can only be deducted from your JTStv bill.

That’s it for the terms, as this is a trial run these terms may change and we may open this up to anyone for real reward money. Lets see how this referral program goes first.

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