Device software updates

Following a recent major roll out of new software for the devices, we are happy to say it has been a huge success. The software roll out was done automatically and was fully tested in house weeks before the final roll out.

It solved a number of issues we were having:

  1. Failed video downloading would cause the device to not reconnect to the server until it was rebooted.
  2. WiFi connection failures are now fixed and can also handle very weak signals and interruptions.
  3. Optimisation of video downloading now means that a failure does not restart downloading and entire video list again. Instead it will retain previous copies and skip them on downloading.
  4. Better clean up. This means that any video files that are not on the devices playlist will be removed. Previously when videos were being downloaded and WiFi failures occurred, and, the playlist was changed during that time, video files would be left on the device taking up space. This would result in the device eventually running out of storage space.

Needless to say, these are now all solved and connection times are back to normal from all devices out in the field.

The management of the devices has also had a huge overhaul. The software will now run on both a PC and an Android device. The user can download and play the video playlists locally.

Any software updates for the devices out in the field are thoroughly tested before going live under the toughest conditions to ensure that the final roll out is secure. Once a roll out is made, it is invisible to whoever is watching the device playing on a screen. It takes less than two seconds for the update to occur.

Watch this space for more pubs going live soon…

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